Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Link Up


San Juan proposed September 9th, 2006, after we had been dating 6 years.  He popped the question at a TCU Football game with my family all around.  It was so awesome.  We were married December 1, 2007.  I loved wedding planning and am kinda sad that Pinterest was not around for it.  I can only imagine what my wedding board would have looked like!

We got married at the White Chapel Estate and Gardens in North Richland Hills, Texas.  It was beautiful and they were so easy to work with!! We had our reception there as well. 

Colors: Our colors were purple, black and silver.  Purple is my favorite color and my groom was sweet enough to let me incorporate it!  I also snuck in some Horned Frogs since I graduated from TCU.

Bridal Party:I had a wonderful bridal party.  My best f riend Kristi was my maid of honor.  We have been friends since 1st grade.  My bridesmaids were Jennifer (college roommate), Jennifer (friend since 6th grade), Keri (friend since 1st grade) and Molly (my niece).  I asked them to wear a black dress and black shoes but let them choose whatever style they wanted.  My girls are full of personality so one dress style would not have suited all of them.  I also had 3 flower girls because I had three nieces and I couldn't pick just one! 

 Some people carry bouquets, not us we carried flasks!  Just kidding.  We had bouquets for the wedding.  The flasks were for the reception!

I loved my location because it had a beautiful winding staircase.  I was so nervous that I would fall down the stairs.  I practiced those stairs at every appointment I had with my venue!  My wedding coordinator surprised me by adding greenery and lights.  Very pretty to look out but now I am even more nervous about making my way down the stairs as my handrail has been compromised.  I am now worried about falling down the stairs and taking the lights and greenery with me!  Apparently I let out a huge sigh of relief at the bottom of the stairs!  Can you see my relief?

So happy to see my groom.  Notice I am not crying.  I can not say the same for San Juan.  He showed the emotions for both of us!                          

Lighting of the Unity Candle.  This is where I realized my veil was still over my face.  Hmm veil -vs- fire.  Not a good combination.  Luckily no one caught fire! We may look all sweet and loving during the Unity Candle song.  Truth is, San Juan was so nervous or excited that he wouldn't quit talking.  I mean non stop jabbering.  I actually had to shush him!  He even apologized for talking so much but then continued talking!  I was trying not to bust out laughing.  He still laughs at the fact that I shushed him at the alter!

We did it!! We are officially married and this is where I earned 1 million cool wife points.  San Juan loves Superman!  I arranged with my coordinator to play the Superman theme song as we walked out of the chapel.  He was so surprised and happy! 

The cake.  White cake with buttercream icing.  Delicious! 
      The bridesmaids put their bouquets down to dance and one of my favorite pictures from the reception.  The whole night was full of laughter and fun!


First dance as husband and wife.  We chose Need I Say More by George Strait.  We wanted something unique and didn't want to share the song with every other couple getting married that year.  The man standing there watching us is actually the photographer. 

Our best friends wrote some sweet toasts and San Juan took a drink before he toasted with me.  You can actually see me saying "Hey!" and his look of "oops!"

Last Dance.  I did not cry all day... except for during this song.  I was sad to see the night end.  I was having so much fun and was surrounded by so many family and friends that I wanted to stay all night!

Ohh pretty bubbles! 


Honeymoon: We went to the El Dorado Royal in the Riviera Maya Mexico.  It was beautiful and we had a blast!  We lounged here most of the honeymoon!  It was so relaxing and beautiful.

What would you do different?: The only regret I have is that I didn't lose weight before the wedding.  Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing!  I loved every minute of the day!!

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  1. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful! I wish I had had pinterest too! Though maybe I would have stressed more...maybe it was a good thing:)

    I came by from the wedding details hop:)