Thursday, April 25, 2013

25 Things about me..

Since I am trying to get the blog up and running I thought I would do a 25 things about me post.  I love to hear random facts about people so here ya go.....  

1. I have had the same cell phone number since college. I started college in 1994. :)  

2. I once cut my hair 13 inches because my boyfriend at the time told me I couldn't cut my hair. I am stubborn and don't like being told what to do!   

3. My favorite pizza is Mama's Pizza - sausage and mushroom please. mamas  

4. San Juan (my husband) surprised me by proposing at a TCU football game. It was the first time in my life that I was speechless.  

5. I love Friends and have seen every episode multiple times.   

6. I love white cake with butter cream frosting.  

7. My wedding dress was not in my top 3 dresses to choose from, it was a random dress I grabbed when trying to narrow down the top three and it blew the other 3 away.   

8. When all hell breaks loose at the PD the first thing I do is pull my hair into a ponytail, usually while answering 911. ( I am a Police/Fire/EMS 911 dispatcher)  

9. I have known my best friend for 30 years. Major points, she married my husband's best friend!
 me and Kristi  

10. I don't like artificially flavored orange things but love oranges.  

11. My favorite drink is a Crown and Coke  

12. I have had the nickname Wendymo since my freshman year of high school.  I even get mail from my college with the name on it.

13. I love sports, especially football.  My husband loves this about me.  He also likes that I watch ESPN with him.  I love the top plays and not top plays.  

14. A grocery cart once saved my life by taking the force of a stack of shelves that fell on me. Firefighters/Paramedics said if the cart wouldn't have been there I would have been crushed to death.  

15. I once did 167 cartwheels in a row in my living room.  My poor mom had to count for me. I was 9 years old.  I am not sure if I could do 1 cartwheel right now.  This a now a goal, to do a perfect cartwheel again.  I can still do the splits, but who wants to see a fat girl do the splits?  

16. I once was spanked with a wooden shoe by my mom on the side of the interstate on the way to a football game. (It's funny now!) That is one of the only times my mom has "lost it" Don't worry, my brother got it too.  We laugh so much about it now but my mom is still embarrassed by it.   

17. My favorite number is 17.  

18. I did my senior year Criminal Justice Internship at a men's Federal Prison.  

19. My favorite Mexican food is cheese enchiladas and my husband's are the best.  

20. When I was little my dad would warm my sheets with a hairdryer before I went to bed if it was super cold. (Yes I know I was spoiled).  My husband decided to buy me a heated mattress pad which is fabulous and so much better than an electric blanket.  I hate to have cold feet!  

21. I love nail polish and own a ton of it but rarely paint my nails.  I suck at it.   

22. I went through 5 majors in college before picking Criminal Justice.  

23. My first real job (besides babysitting) was serving ice cream at Braum's.  

24. I love sweet iced tea but can't stand any kind of hot tea.  It just doesn't taste like anything to me.  I keep trying it though in hopes that I will one day like it.

25. I work better under pressure. In college I read an assignment wrong and thought I had a 2 page paper due the next day but when I went back to look at it, it was in fact a 20 page paper. I did all the research and wrote the paper in one night. I received an A+ on it and was told it was one of the most well researched papers he had read. 95% of the paper was written at Old South Pancake House.

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